How to become a dentist

Who is a dentist? Owing to the improvements in technology and innovations, modern dentistry have evolved to higher levels attracting many people to the field. Asa general rule of life, commitment is vital for success in any field. Generally, a dentist is medical professional who specializes in oral health. Dentists usually handle teeth and gum problems of their patients. Besides, a dentist may provide preventive measures to teeth problems. Although general dentists are the commonly known dentists, there exists specialists in that field. Periodontists are specialized dentists who usually handle specific type of oral care such as gum care. On the other hand, pediatric dentistry, otherwise known as child dentistry, is a field in dentistry that focus on children’s teeth problems. How to become a dentist

According to the Department of Labor in the United States and the Bureau of Labor Statistics demand for dentists is on the rise. How do you become a dentist then. The following are the steps to follow.

  1. Have the passion to become a dentist Everything starts with a desire. The will and desire to enter in dentistry field must be in you Otherwise, if you lack the desire and still enter in dentistry, you will not enjoy your profession. You must also posses good communication skills
  2. Earn a bachelor degree from a recognized university Hard work is required in the high school stage to join a high ranking university. A bachelor degree is a prerequisite for most dental school. Bachelor courses in mathematics, biology, chemistry, and health sciences are most preferable in the course of becoming a dentist. Although, there no specific bachelor degree requirements, the courses mentioned above are preferable since they meet the dental school’s prerequisite
  3. Take a test for admission in a dental school (Dental Admission Test) Approximately one year prior to admission, each candidate seeking admission in a dental school should take a test from a dental school. It is upon passing this exam that a candidate would be admitted.
  4. Join a dental school The dental program in the dental school takes approximately 4 years. The course usually focus on healthcare management. Besides, student gain practical evidence through live experiments and demonstration overseen by qualified personnel in various dentistry fields.
  5. Get a dentist license After completing a 4-year course in the dentist school, a license must be obtained from the city you would wish to operate from. Although different cities may have relatively different requirement, it is a distinct requirement that everyone must complete the steps outlined above

Like other businesses, dentistry is a highly challenging business. Therefore, personal commitment and hard work is vital for success.

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